Perfect Pairs: Coffee Table + Books

November 6, 2012   

Today while driving to work I was listening to NPR and they were talking about how despite the publishing industry struggling against e-readers, publishers of coffee table books were actually doing really good. I personally love coffee table books. They keep guests entertained while you're busy in the kitchen and can even say a lot about you as a person. Here are some of our favorite coffee table/book pairings.

1. Tofteryd Coffee Table, IKEA, $199 + Fashion (Taschen)25th Anniversary, Amazon, $37

2. Carved Wood Coffee Table, West Elm, $299 + The Natural Home Book, Antrhopologie, $29

3. Too by Blu Dot Coffee Table, Target, $139 + Living in a Modern Way, Barnes and Noble, $39

What's your favorite coffee table book?

1 comment:

  1. These kinds of coffee tables can match any interior as we can use it for multiple purposes. A perfect shape covers less space. Appreciate your sharing.