Travel: Camping in the Sahara Dessert

March 11, 2014   

By our contributor: Paola Sanchez

Two months ago my boyfriend told me that he wanted us to take a trip and I immediately jumped onboard; I just never imagined that we would end up in the continent of Africa in Morocco! I have travelled to many countries, but my trip to Morocco stands out for one particular reason. We decided to hire a company to take us through a road trip of Morocco in which one of the nights we camped in the Sahara Dessert. We trekked on a dromedary (an Arabian camel) for 2 hours to reach our camp site in the middle of the Sahara Dessert.

I must admit that the 2-hour ride on the dromedary was exhausting and made my body soar the following day from the all the jumping up and down in the sand dunes. At the same time, the complete silence combined with the beautiful sunset falling upon the dessert that seemed taken out of National Geographic gave us the perfect opportunity in which to fully disconnect from the rest of the world. Upon our arrival on the camp site, Chicken Tajin was served which is a tasty traditional dish of the country followed by live music as we all sat around the fire.

 As you can imagine, in the middle of a dessert, star gazing is incredible as everything is visible when no city lights are dimming the sky lights. Our remarkable day ended with star gazing where we saw more shooting stars than I had ever seen in my entire life…7 to be precise.


Tips for Taking a Toddler to Disney

October 24, 2013   

Planning a 4 hour road-trip with an almost 3 year old "big girl" can be a daunting task. That's why it is essential to be prepared with the right tools to keep your toddler entertained.  A portable DVD player to play some of her favorite movies, along with some of her favorite toys can make the car ride less taxing on everyone. This particular trip is a very special one which mommy.... I mean, she, has been waiting for all her life!  She is about to experience something she may never forget. What is this magical trip I speak of? Why it's the obligatory trip to Disney World of course; and it's on her birthday no less!  From 
the first Disney storybook to the now well worn Minnie Mouse plush doll that she can't be without, this trip has been a long time coming. 

On the day we arrived at the resort, a birthday greeting from Mickey and Minnie themselves awaited her in our room. She got a real big kick out of that. I was worried that she wouldn't really grasp how truly magical this place was but those worries were quickly put to rest.
My little princess got to meet all her favorite Disney characters and the whole line of Disney royalty. Seeing her live through the whole experience was something I will treasure forever. Every ride or attraction throughout the park brought on yet another smile. Disney really knows how to go all out. A wonderful light filled parade and an amazing fireworks show was the perfect way to end each evening.

It all went off without a hitch. It helped that mommy did some prep work before the trip of course. Every good mom needs the essential survival kit. The car ride isn't the only time you need to plan ahead for. Make sure you remember to take a lightweight umbrella stroller, a relatively small bag to carry water, some SPF50 and of course some cash for those "must have" souvenir emergencies.

Keeping these things in mind really helped make things easier and let us focus on simply enjoying ...the most magical place on earth.

Valentine's Day Inspired

February 14, 2013   

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some heart inspired things to get you in the mood. Do you have any special plans?

1. Heart Sweater, Target, $20
2. Skip a Beat Scarf, C. Wonder, $68
3. Heart Studs, Forever 21, $2.80
4. Heart Pajama Set, Forever 21, $18
5. Double Heart Bracelet, Asos, $10
6. Heart Skinny Jeans, Antrhopologie, $188
7. Heart Pillow, C. Wonder, $38

Rain Gutter Book Shelves

January 30, 2013   

This past weekend I took a little trip to go see my sister-in-law with the baby. As she showed me around her house, I immediately feel in love with the book shelves she has for my little niece. When she told me they were actually rain gutters that she bought at Home Depot I couldn't believe it.

What a great idea no? We recently started buying books for my 3-week old and were thinking about how we were going to display them in the nursery without it looking overcrowded. AND this idea is perfect. Rain gutters typically cost about $5 and you can also spray paint them if you want them to be another color.

What do you think? Isn't this idea great?

Our Pick: Stylish Diaper Bags

January 23, 2013   

As a first time mom, I really wanted to find a diaper bag that didn't look like a "diaper bag." I mean, just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't still be stylish right? Well, enter the Elizabeth Quilted Diaper Bag from Storksak. It's functional meets fashion. At first I thought I could just use any oversized bag as a diaper bag, but it really does pay off to have a diaper bag (trust me, you're going to need all the compartments), which a regular handbag doesn't have.

This bag comes with two outer pockets and nine inner storage compartments, great for storing baby wipes, diapers...etc. It also has a thermo-insulated bottle holder that will keep liquids hot or cold for up to four hours and a changing mat! Celeb fans of Storksak includes Denise Richards, Ali Landry and Christina Milian.  It's so chic, no one will ever confuse it for a mom bag.

Where to Buy: 
Elizabeth Quilted Bag, Storksak, $450