Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume

October 29, 2014   

Each day on my drive to work, I can't help but notice the display of Halloween decorations covering the houses in the neighborhood. Each neighbor seems to outdo themselves by exhibiting the most extravagant decorations to date, from jack-o-lanterns, to elaborate spider webs, to creepy monsters, and goblins hanging from trees.  The neighborhood is exclaiming to visitors and residents alike that they are ready for the festivities of October 31st. However, at my house that is not the same sentiment.  Well at least not when it comes to outdoor decorations. The excitement is felt when deciding which costume my daughter will wear this year. With Halloween right around the corner, the anticipation of her final choice is a bit exhausting.  I find myself trying to find the finishing touches to her costume, which changes daily based on the mood she is in.  

Initially, as most girls her age, she decided to be Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen.  I'm guessing we've all heard of this movie once or twice before.  Since I knew this costume would be in such high demand, I purchased it a while back to guarantee she would have it.  The costume arrived over 2 months ago and she was ecstatic.  However, in the past couple of weeks, she has decided to drive mami a little crazy and change her mind.  She has gone from saying she wanted to be Snow White, to Ariel, and even Cinderella. Luckily, she is a big fan of dressing up and already has all of these costumes at home.  The problem mami is having is getting the matching accessories, such as shoes and tiaras, to finalize the look.  You'd think that knowing how much her mother likes to plan ahead she would choose one and make mami's life a little easier, rather than waiting till the last minute.  The difficult part for me is that she looks adorable in all of them, so I can't decide which one to make her wear. Hopefully, my little diva will make up her mind today and quit trying to negotiate how she will wear all four costumes that night because I am NOT going to be part of any outfit changes.  

From Toddler to "Big Girl": Choosing a bed

October 27, 2014   

Another weekend has come to an end and I can't help but think about how quickly time seems to be passing by.  My baby is growing so quickly and entering a new stage of childhood. With this new season, comes the need to change her room from a nursery/toddler room, to a "big girl" room, as she would put it.  I've been avoiding this dreaded task as long as I possibly could because it is my way of denying how quickly she is growing up.  Unfortunately, I can't keep ignoring the fact that she no longer fits in her convertible crib/toddler bed.  So, this weekend I started brainstorming to try and come up with ideas for how her room should look.  Yes, this is indeed, a bittersweet undertaking since I want to keep her a baby as long as possible, though, the decorator in me is eager for the opportunity to get to work.

Regardless of my hesitations, I began this project with the search for the perfect bed. With so many options available online, things have become a bit overwhelming. Especially since she has decided to become involved in the planning.  After a long explanation about how "princess carriage" beds are not a good idea long term, nor aesthetically pleasing to anyone over the age of 5, we were able to narrow it down to three very mature choices.  As for the rest of the room, it all comes down to proper planning. Once you have a major component of the room to work with (in this case, a bed) the rest of the room can start to fall into place. For me, the three following keys proved crucial to make this whole project work. 

1. Choose an overall theme/look for the room.  It can be whimsical, classical, traditional, or modern.

2. If you're the type of person that does not have the time to paint, consider a color scheme for the walls that is neutral and can be easily coordinated with many things.  This will be helpful in case your prince/princess wants to change something.

3. The style of bed you choose is important as it can make the whole room.  There are so many different styles to choose from but I highly recommend selecting something that they won't outgrow in two years.  

Above you can see are our final choices.  I'm leaning towards #1. 

1- Logan Bed, Pottery Barn
2- Arch White Twin Bed, Crate&Barrel
3- Jaclyn Place Twin Bed, Rooms to Go Kids

DIY: Not So Scary Pumpkin Design

October 24, 2014   

After coming home from our annual pumpkin patch trip, I find myself wondering what I'm going to do with these pumpkins my now 4 year old diva pressured me into buying. The option to carve a design comes to mind but is then immediately replaced with the memory of the debacles that resulted from my previous attempts.  Most people who know me consider me a pretty crafty girl, a DIY expert, if u will.  However, I don't know what it is about carving that I have such a hard time with. I've tried it all, have purchased all the recommended tools, and I have yet to accurately recreate any of the designs I have ventured into. So, this year, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of carving the pumpkin, I decided to paint it. "Seemed easy enough, I've painted before" I thought. "How hard can it possibly be?"  So, I asked my daughter what design she wanted to make,  and as expected, she chose Minnie Mouse. Well, to be honest, she chose Ariel at first, but then I quickly persuaded her out of it after seeing all the intricate details that would need to be painted on the tiny pumpkin she picked out.  The next day, I picked up some materials and we got straight to work on our masterpiece.

After a couple of hours and some drying time, this was our final result. Not too bad for our first one.

Materials- white, black, and pink/red paint, paint brushes, painter's tape, black foam sheet, pink ribbon, push pins, super glue, pumpkin of any size.

Follow the simple steps below to create a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin of your own for your little princess. It can also easily be made into a Mickey Mouse for your little prince:

1. Divide the pumpkin in half with painter's tape.  Keep as straight a line as possible.

2. Cover the top half with black paint.  Allow the paint to dry and remove painter's tape.

3. CAREFULLY paint the bottom half in bright pink or red. Allow paint to dry.

4. With a small paint brush make white polka dots around the pink/red portion. Allow paint to dry. I used a Filbert size 6 brush but you can use any small paint brush you have.

5. Cut out Minnie Mouse ears using black foam sheet. Leave a crease to fold and pin to pumpkin using push pins.

6. Cut pink ribbon to size to make a bow. Use super glue to adhere it to the top of pumpkin as displayed in the picture above.

Calling All Boot Lovers

October 22, 2014   
Now that Fall is in full swing, I'm at it again, on the search for the must have boots of the season.  It would come as no surprise to those who know me best, that I LOVE boots.  So much so that my obsession has become a running joke among my friends.  Boots have always been my go to fashion accessory.  I've recently come to realize that I own 16 pairs of them. From thigh highs, to booties, to galoshes, and even combat boots, you name it, I own it.  I just can't seem to get enough.  Although I live in sunny South Florida, I always find a way to make them work.

As a girl with a taste for the finer things, my initial search is Rag & Bone or Frye.  Once I'm done ogling all the beautiful footwear, the harsh reality of my budgetary constrains sets in and helps reign me back in.  Therefore, my search parameters for the perfect pair of boots are narrowed down to those that fit my budget.

These were some of the ones that stood out from the rest....

Where to Buy:   
1. Cadani, Aldo, $110
2. Leather Boots, H&M, $149


Pumpkin Lovers Rejoice!

October 20, 2014   

It's my favorite time of year again... FALL!  What's not to love about this amazing season? The weather is amazing and the clothes is to die for.  While living in Miami doesn't necessarily afford one the privilege of watching all the leaves change into their beautiful fall colors, it does bring about the much anticipated pumpkin patch. As many South Floridians know, this trip is a must. Besides, everything ELSE has gone pumpkin (bread, muffins, doughnuts, lattes, pies, you name it) so why not join the rest of the country in the celebration?

My "little pumpkin" looks forward to our annual adventure where we pick our very own overpriced pumpkin to decorate. She also loves the hay rides, mommy's obligatory photo shoot, and of course some delicious apple cider.  This weekend, we had the opportunity to visit and we had such a great time.  We even ran into some friends on the hay ride. 

Be sure to make your way down to your local "pumpkin patch" this year and share your favorite pumpkin patch memories.