Calling All Boot Lovers

October 22, 2014   
Now that Fall is in full swing, I'm at it again, on the search for the must have boots of the season.  It would come as no surprise to those who know me best, that I LOVE boots.  So much so that my obsession has become a running joke among my friends.  Boots have always been my go to fashion accessory.  I've recently come to realize that I own 16 pairs of them. From thigh highs, to booties, to galoshes, and even combat boots, you name it, I own it.  I just can't seem to get enough.  Although I live in sunny South Florida, I always find a way to make them work.

As a girl with a taste for the finer things, my initial search is Rag & Bone or Frye.  Once I'm done ogling all the beautiful footwear, the harsh reality of my budgetary constrains sets in and helps reign me back in.  Therefore, my search parameters for the perfect pair of boots are narrowed down to those that fit my budget.

These were some of the ones that stood out from the rest....

Which one do you think I should choose?   

1. Cadani, Aldo, $110
2. Leather Boots, H&M, $149


Pumpkin Lovers Rejoice!

October 20, 2014   

It's my favorite time of year again... FALL!  What's not to love about this amazing season? The weather is amazing and the clothes is to die for.  While living in Miami doesn't necessarily afford one the privilege of watching all the leaves change into their beautiful fall colors, it does bring about the much anticipated pumpkin patch. As many South Floridians know, this trip is a must. Besides, everything ELSE has gone pumpkin (bread, muffins, doughnuts, lattes, pies, you name it) so why not join the rest of the country in the celebration?

My "little pumpkin" looks forward to our annual adventure where we pick our very own overpriced pumpkin to decorate. She also loves the hay rides, mommy's obligatory photo shoot, and of course some delicious apple cider.  This weekend, we had the opportunity to visit and we had such a great time.  We even ran into some friends on the hay ride. 

Be sure to make your way down to your local "pumpkin patch" this year and share your favorite pumpkin patch memories.

A Party Fit for a Princess- The Little Mermaid

October 18, 2014   

I can still hear the excitement in my voice as a little girl, when, it seemed that the days leading up to my birthday and all the wonders that came with it couldn't go by fast enough.  That excitement takes on a new luster once the birthdays add up and I start to fill my crown with the telling jewels of age and adulthood. The less attention I get on this dreaded day, the better. Luckily, my 4 year old princess has yet to cross that bridge and loves the attention. For her, the longer the celebration, the better.

She had been planning her birthday party for months.  Even though she went back and forth for a while, she finally decided on The Little Mermaid which was on obvious choice since, Ariel had become her latest obsession.  Thankfully, this was not like most themed party nightmares where you can never find plates or piƱatas to match the theme.  I was able to find everything at Party City.  They had what I needed to make the party a huge success so, they were my obvious choice when it came to getting all the supplies and decorations. 

In the past, I've gone a little crazy on candy stations, table decorations, and even goodie bags, so this year would be no different. I decided to do a little research online, found some cute ideas for themed parties and made them my own.  I was even inspired to put my pastry skills to the test.  A daunting task at first since I have none.  But with these easy DIY inspirations, I have to admit I was impressed with the way things turned out.  

These little Oysters were made with Oreos and a gum ball to look like a pearl. While the Sand Dollars were home made cinnamon sugar cookies with sliced almonds for the finishing touch.  

These Sebastian Slices were a hit with the kids
 and easy to make.

The table displays were a nice touch to tie everything together. They included pearls and coins in the treasure chest and fishbowl, the DIY "4" that I made using tissue paper allowing me to match the cake, rock candy sticks and then some seashells to give that "under the sea" feel. 

Last but not least were these Little Mermaid Favor Containers for just under $2. Filled with little goodies such as Ariel's Dinglehoppers, a Snarfblat, and other Ariel 
inspired accessories also found at Party City.  The tags were an easy DIY project that I was able to put together in no time with some Ariel printables.   

The best part of that special day was seeing the beautiful smile plastered all over her face throughout the party. It made all the hard work and planning worth it. I'm so blessed to have this "Little Mermaid" be a part of my world. 

Tell me about some of your birthday party experiences in the comments below.

All Dolled Up...

October 15, 2014   
Before mami

So the school year is in full swing.  Everyone has their four hundred number 2 pencils and plastic rulers, and teachers have picked out which students always need to work on class assignments all by themselves.  That also means that they are comfortable assigning school projects.
As a teacher, I get it and am all for kids learning about certain topics through creative handiwork. This month is Hispanic Heritage Month and my 4 yr old's teacher decided that she is to decorate a cardboard cutout doll in the likeness of someone from her country of origin. In her case, Colombia. 

As projects go, this isn't necessarily a difficult one but I'm sure you can appreciate my situation here. Glue, scissors, cardboard cutout dolls . . . 4 yr old mini-human, this can get tricky. What are teachers thinking these days? How is a little kid supposed to make something that doesn't look like Edward Scissorhands' latest DIY project?

The teacher in me wants to let her do it on her own and be proud of her achievement and that she learned about her heritage while creating her masterpiece. The OCD mom in me however can not allow her to turn in a mess. 
After mami

I really think that this is more homework for the parents than it is for the kids.  I will, of course, end up doing the project with minimal participation on her part.  Don't judge!

Certainly makes me re-think the projects I assign my students.

There's no shame, have you completely taken over a school project for your kids?  
Tell me your story below.

Travel: Camping in the Sahara Dessert

March 11, 2014   

By our contributor: Paola Sanchez

Two months ago my boyfriend told me that he wanted us to take a trip and I immediately jumped onboard; I just never imagined that we would end up in the continent of Africa in Morocco! I have travelled to many countries, but my trip to Morocco stands out for one particular reason. We decided to hire a company to take us through a road trip of Morocco in which one of the nights we camped in the Sahara Dessert. We trekked on a dromedary (an Arabian camel) for 2 hours to reach our camp site in the middle of the Sahara Dessert.

I must admit that the 2-hour ride on the dromedary was exhausting and made my body soar the following day from the all the jumping up and down in the sand dunes. At the same time, the complete silence combined with the beautiful sunset falling upon the dessert that seemed taken out of National Geographic gave us the perfect opportunity in which to fully disconnect from the rest of the world. Upon our arrival on the camp site, Chicken Tajin was served which is a tasty traditional dish of the country followed by live music as we all sat around the fire.

 As you can imagine, in the middle of a dessert, star gazing is incredible as everything is visible when no city lights are dimming the sky lights. Our remarkable day ended with star gazing where we saw more shooting stars than I had ever seen in my entire life…7 to be precise.